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Caller ID Authentication Regulation

By Calls, Playbooks, User Guide
Caller ID Authentication Regulation STIR/SHAKEN Playbooks Compliance Options Playbooks is the #1 Sales Engagement platform for compliance with built-in features to support anti-SPAM and Do Not Call regulations. In this article, you will learn more about specific FCC Regulations that govern how Caller IDs will impact dialing US based customers....
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Dynamic Rep Alerts

By Prospect Records
Dynamic Rep Alerts How to Create Customized Notifications in Playbooks Dynamic Rep Alerts send customized notifications to reps when they are working with a record that fits a predetermined rule. Managers and admins create rules in the Playbooks Manager app that trigger the notification when prospect’s CRM record matches that...
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Seismic Integration

By Emailing
Seismic Integration How to Add Seismic Attachments to Playbooks Emails Many sales organizations struggle with reps sending outdated content in sales emails. With the new Playbooks and Seismic integration, users can now pull content directly from their Seismic content library and add the files to emails sent through Playbooks, ensuring...
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PeopleFinder (Beta)

By Buyer Intelligence
PeopleFinder (Beta) What is PeopleFinder and how to use it Hunting for the right contacts to reach out to consumes a considerable amount of time reps could otherwise spend engaging with prospects. PeopleFinder brings intelligent contact recommendations to the rep within Playbooks, ensuring reps have the right contacts to work...
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Playbooks Solution for Call Compliance

By Solutions
Playbooks Solution for Call Compliance Adhere to Call Compliance Regulations with Playbooks Making outbound calls to customers in a wide variety of locations while observing compliance regulations can be a complicated problem. Playbooks has call settings for outbound calls that help prevent compliance violations. Block calls to certain states based...
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Swag Step Best Practices

By User Guide
Swag Step Best Practices Make the Most of Your Marketing Budget with Targeted Swag Steps Sending logo'd swag to potential customers is a great way to put yourself first in their mind and also a way to celebrate partnerships on special dates (contract signing anniversaries, birthday, etc.). But sending something...
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