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Calling Territory

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Calling Territory

Arrange countries by the frequency of calls you’ll be making into them. This helps to detect time zones and format phone numbers correctly

The Calling Territory setting is a useful tool when using the CRM Click-to-Call with Playbooks. Playbooks requires phone numbers to be in e.164 format and will manipulate numbers on the CRM page to meet that format if needed. The Calling Territory setting prioritizes which country format the phone numbers will take when changed by Playbooks.

Ideally, all of your phone numbers will already be in e.164 format. However, Calling Territories allows Playbooks to know which countries you call more often; this makes it more likely to manipulate the number into the correct format for you, and you will spend less time reformatting numbers in the CRM.

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Click this message to learn more about E.164 Standard and dialing formats in Playbooks.

Enabling The Calling Territory Setting

This setting can be enabled by following these steps:

  1. Open Playbooks.
  2. Click the menu button (XANT Logo).
  3. Select Settings.
  4. Click Phone.
  5. Navigate to Select Calling Territory By Countries section and click Edit.
  6. Add and order the countries as desired.
  7. Click SAVE.

Time Zones

Playbooks determines time zones by the area code of a phone number. With the Calling Territory setting enabled, Playbooks prioritizes specific country codes and thus influences the interpreted time zone of the person you are calling.


I place most of my calls to people within the United States, so if a phone number shows up in my CRM that is not in e.164 format, I want Playbooks to assume that it is a United States number.

A few of the people I call are located in Germany. When the phone number in my CRM is not in e.164 format and does not meet the criteria to be a U.S. number, I want it to format it to be a German phone number.

Finally, if a number does not meet the standards of a U.S. nor a German number, I have the Calling Territory setting set up to prioritize the number as a Japanese phone number. When a number doesn’t meet the criteria to be a phone number from these three countries, Playbooks will use whatever country format fits.

Note: It’s possible that a phone number could meet the standards of two different countries. Playbooks will change the number to fit the country first listed in the Calling Territories.

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