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Gmail Setup for Playbooks Emails

By Playbooks, System, User Guide
Gmail Setup for Playbooks Emails How to set up Gmail to send emails from Playbooks Setting Up Gmail for Playbooks Emails Playbooks allows users to send emails directly from the product using their own email accounts. These emails are tracked and reps are notified when their prospects engage with their...
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Playbooks Manager Application Onboarding For Dynamics

By Dynamics Admin, Manager Application, New Admin, Playbooks, System, User Guide
Playbooks Manager Application Onboarding For Dynamics The Playbooks Manager Onboarding experience will guide new Playbooks Managers to relevant setup, features, and tools Title 100% Back See All Dynamics Admin Articles Launch Checklist The Manager Onboarding Experience will now help you navigate through additional setup steps like creating Plays, adding users,...
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Playbooks Fields & Access Levels

By Playbooks, Reporting, System
Playbooks Fields & Access Levels Download Excel File This spread sheet contains all the pertinent information for every available Playbooks field used in reporting and a breakdown of each unmanaged package including the download links. The Overview tab summarizes the number of included Object fields for each unmanaged package so...
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Quick Start Guide

By Playbooks
Quick Start Guide How do I get started quickly with Playbooks? Create New Teams and Users The first step in the process is to create a team with your desired user groups, including yourself.  Teams allow you to add users and control app permissions and sharing rules.  Watch this video...
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Getting Started with Playbooks

By Getting Started, Playbooks
Progress 7% Getting Started Progress Next Article Getting Started with Playbooks How do I adjust the basic settings for Playbooks so I’m ready to use it? What is Playbooks? Playbooks is a cadence management tool that helps you to focus on the most important opportunities first. Its cutting edge collective...
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Calling Territory

By Calls, Playbooks
Calling Territory Arrange countries by the frequency of calls you'll be making into them. This helps to detect time zones and format phone numbers correctly The Calling Territory setting is a useful tool when using the CRM Click-to-Call with Playbooks. Playbooks requires phone numbers to be in e.164 format and will manipulate...
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