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Email Enhancement Options

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Email Enhancement Options

How to customize and add attachments to email messages

Along the bottom of an email draft, you’ll notice that there are a number of ways you can add items to or format your email. Each option enables to customize emails for your target audience.

Using the Text Editor

Change the font or layout of your text. Hyperlink important spans or images with this tool as well.

To Use the Text Editor

  1. Open an email or email template.
  2. Optionally, highlight target text.
  3. Click the A button (Text Editor).
  4. Optionally, select preferred font, paragraph style, or text color.
  5. Optionally, hyperlink text, images, or other elements.

Attaching a File

Attachments can be added to to the email you are about to send. Add attachments to an email template so those attachments will be sent every time you use that template. Attachment size cannot exceed 15MB.

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Add a tracked or untracked file to your email. Click this message for more information about tracked attachments.

To Attach a File

  1. Open an email or email template.
  2. Click the Attach File button (paperclip icon).
  3. Select the type of attachment you want.
  4. Select desired file.
Tip: You can easily remove a file by clicking the X that appears on the right-hand side of the attachment.


Highspot allows your organization to centralize all their email sales collateral in one place. By using Highspot and Playbooks together, you can quickly engage your key contacts and find centrally managed sales content from the Highspot platform.

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Highspot allows your organization to centralize all their email sales collateral in one place. Click this message to learn about how to use Highspot in Playbooks.

Inserting a Video

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In order to upload a video, you will need to sign up for a free Vidyard account. Click this message to learn how you can create your Vidyard account now.
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To Insert a Video

  1. Open an email or email template.
  2. Click the Insert Video button.
  3. Select a video in your Vidyard inventory.

    Upload a New Video to your Vidyard inventory.
  4. Click Insert.

Inserting Merge Fields and Placeholders

Merge Fields and Placeholders allow you to personalize email templates and play steps for your prospects just before you engage with them.  Make every email unique without having to spend time drafting new content for each draft.

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Merge fields and Placeholders automatically insert specific record information into emails or let reps compose portions of their emails from a predetermined list of custom text. Click this message
 to understand more about Merge fields and placeholders.

Inserting an Image or GIF

Capture a prospect’s attention or reinforce your brand by adding images to your email templates.

To Insert An Image or GIF

  1. Open an email or email template.
  2. Click the Insert Image button.
  3. In the General tab, click the File Search button.

    In the Upload tab, click Browse for an image or drag and drop an image or GIF file.
  4. Click Ok.
  5. Resize image as needed.
    NOTE: Holding the shift key will allow you to ignore constraints.

Sending a Test Email

This function is useful for proofing a preview of the final email that will be sent to your prospects. Catch spelling errors or formatting mistakes before they are sent to your prospects. You can even send copies to your colleagues to get additional eyes on the final draft. Since this is a test email, certain email features don’t work. For example, your email signature will not appear at the bottom of the test email and tracked attachment hyperlinks will not be active.

Note: Ad hoc emails cannot be tested prior to sending.

To Send a Test Email

  1. Create an email template.
  2. Click the Test Email button.
  3. Enter the email address you want to send the test email to. 
  4. Click SEND.

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