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Other Configurations for Salesforce

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Other Configurations for Salesforce

How to Configure your email, network, and telephony to work with Playbooks



The Setup Wizard will prompt you to indicate what email service provider you use.

Supported Email Platforms

Playbooks Supports multiple email platforms. Select your service from the list below for configuration instructions:

Keep in mind, the type of email you use may have limitations to what features it has access to in Playbooks. For a brief overview of the features your email service has in Playbooks, review the Email Feature Matrix.

Setup Email Access

  1. Open the Playbooks Manager App Setup Wizard.
  2. Next, the Setup Wizard will automatically check for your current IP address and add it to the “Do Not Track” list. It is assuming that you are completing the Playbooks Setup & configuration from your office location. By entering your office IP it will prevent false alerts from occurring when your users open their own emails.
    If your users are spread out among multiple office locations, it is a good idea to track down those IP addresses and add to this list. You can do this now in the Setup Wizard, or later by going to the Playbooks Manager, Settings tab at the top of the page, then Do Not Track left-side menu.
  3. After adding relevant IP addresses, click the FINISH UP button. You will then automatically be routed to the Playbooks Manager App.
  4. Continue with your Playbooks account configuration using the Manager Onboarding Experience to create Plays, add users, and more.

Network Configuration

Configure your network for Playbooks by speaking with your network administrator and confirming traffic to and from Playbooks is allowed. Consult the Network Requirements in the Playbooks Requirement article for details. 

Telephony Configuration

Review Telephony Requirements in the Playbooks Requirements article. Notify your telephony services team that user tools and configuration may change due to implementing Playbooks. Notify them early so they can participate in testing and ensure a smooth Launch for users.



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