Try Another Number

Often times when a rep makes a call that ends without a successful connect the rep will try other numbers on the record. The new Try Another Number feature makes it easier than ever to make multiple dial attempts within a single Play step. This enhanced workflow reduces the effort required to contact prospects and makes it easy for reps to:

  • Repeat dial a prospect: Reps are prompted to make additional dial attempts each time they call.
  • Try additional numbers on the prospect: Playbooks helps highlight other numbers a rep might try.
  • Find new numbers recommended from XANT for the prospect: XANT will recommend net-new numbers that a rep should try. These numbers are validated numbers provided by XANT.

How It Works:
After completing a call, Playbooks will prompt the rep to try again using different numbers on the record. As reps make these additional calls, they are counted as activities done within the Play.

Additional Information:

  • New phone numbers that XANT recommends come from XANT sourced and aggregated phone number data acquired from trusted third-party licensed data. These numbers are verified numbers and reps are likely to get a hold of their prospect using one of these numbers.
  • The Try Another Number feature works on all objects that can be enrolled into a Play.
  • XANT Recommended Numbers can be used within Playbooks, but are not automatically updated in phone fields within the CRM.
  • This functionality is standard functionality. Customers can disable new XANT additional recommended numbers by disabling the data append permission.
  • The XANT Recommended Numbers feature is available on all Playbooks Packages and all supported CRMs.

New Title Found

Data within the CRM is constantly aging and often reps are working from outdated and inaccurate information. An important piece of information reps need to know is the title of the person they are engaging. As target prospects changes roles, that may impact the approach or offer that a rep may take with a prospect.

With the New Title Found feature reps are proactively notified when a prospect they are working has an updated Title. Updated title information is sourced from licensed third-party data sources and verified through XANT Buyer Intelligence.

When a rep accepts the title update recommendation the updated title is saved back into the CRM. Alternatively a rep can choose to ignore the recommended title change which will cause the recommendation to not come up again.

The New Title Found feature is available to all XANT customers regardless of Package, and is available on all supported CRMs.

Improved Inbound Call Reporting

It is important for reporting and accountability to know how inbound calls are being handled. With this update, additional information about each inbound call is saved to the CRM. When an inbound call enters the Playbooks system, the call result saved to the CRM will be based on what happens on the call:

  • When a caller hangs up before the call is answered, the call result will be set to “Caller Hung Up”
  • When an inbound call is answered while in the Playbooks System, the call result will be set to “Inbound Call Answered”
  • If a rep answers an inbound call and selects a call result themselves, the call result will be set to what the rep selected.
  • When an inbound call is not answered and goes to a failover number, the call result will be set to “Call Failed Over”

With these changes it is recommended that organizations look at their reports within their CRM to reflect the new call results for inbound calls.

New Missed Call Experience

For many organizations inbound calls represent the most significant opportunity for new sales. When a rep missed an inbound call, it should be a top priority for them to re-engage with that caller. With the new Missed Call functionality of Playbooks reps can review inbound calls that they missed and easily return those calls.

Missed Calls Page:
The missed calls page shows all inbound calls that have come in where a rep did not answer the call while it was in the XANT system. If the inbound caller has a matching record in Playbooks, the caller’s name is shown in the notification. Unknown callers are still shown in the Missed Calls Page, giving reps an option to return the missed call.

Missed Call Playbooks Notification:
When a rep misses an inbound call, reps will be shown a notification in Playbooks which pro-actively notifies them that they missed a call. This notification can found within the notification bell in the top righthand corner of Playbooks.

Additional Information:

  • Only calls that were routed directly to a rep through a direct-inbound number or route to last caller are shown in missed calls. If a rep misses a call from a rep queue it will not be shown to the rep as someone else may have answered the call.
  • Missed inbound calls are shown up to 14 days in the missed calls page before being removed.

Other Product Improvements

  • Users can now apply filters to Playbooks Reports to limit results to only activities done within a Play. This does not include sub-step activities.
  • When an inbound call is routed to a rep they now get a desktop notification. This enhancement was made to address issues with reps not noticing when an inbound call is routed to them.