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Swag Step Best Practices

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Swag Step Best Practices

Make the Most of Your Marketing Budget with Targeted Swag Steps

Sending logo’d swag to potential customers is a great way to put yourself first in their mind and also a way to celebrate partnerships on special dates (contract signing anniversaries, birthday, etc.). But sending something impactful can be costly, so you should send thoughtfully and to targeted audience rather than to every customer. An easy way to ensure this happens selectively is to use Plays.

To get started, create a Play and add strategic “Other Steps” to the Play with instructions on what to send or offer the seller a range of options. Then track the success of those Plays by filtering a Play Success Report for just that Play and evaluate if the additional spend yielded the intended results. Here are some best practices for Swag Steps.

Swag Best Practices

Before you start sending swag to every contact, review these best practices to maximize your sending power.

  • Send swag judiciously. Target prospects that have knowledge of your company and have expressed some interest. Avoid sending swag to tire-kickers. Use other selling techniques to educate and build interest then send something with your logo that can catch their attention and raise your company to top of mind.
  • When prospecting, send logo’d swag instead of generic trinkets and gift cards. If a gift card is the right item to send, think about having custom gift cards printed with your company logo on front or get custom sleeves. This will remind them of your company when they look in their wallet and use it.
  • The most effective time to send swag is the 4th to 6th step of a Play.
  • Send the item a day or two before an important meeting as a distinctive reminder. Or send a “Thank you” item after a successful meeting or demo.

Creative Ideas

Once you’ve decided you want to send swag to a customer, find a creative way to meld the message and what you are sending.

To get your started, try one of the following ideas:

  • “Choose a date for our next meeting. If you choose this week, I’ll send an Uber Eats gift card to a local business or charity of your choice. If you choose next week then I’ll send the Uber Eats gift card to [charity organization] that my company cares deeply for and has partnered with to bring change to [enter cause].”
  • After a demo that has gone well, send a treat with the message “Sweet Meeting You!”
  • Send a potential customer a desk succulent with a message about “Growing together.”
  • Deliver personalized items such as a baby onesie, wedding gift, or select something from their Amazon wish list or LinkedIn profile.
  • If a previously engaged customer stops responding, send them a Where’s Waldo book. Follow up with a call or an email after the book has been delivered.

Sending Swag in Playbooks

Sendoso is a swag sending platform integrated into Playbooks, but it is a paid service that you must create an account to use. How do you know if Sendoso is a service your organization needs? Sendoso can solve several business challenges that arise in the modern sales space.

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Sendoso is always creating and sharing new ideas for making sure your messaging and gifts are in sync. Check out their site for more information about accounts and to get fresh suggestions.

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