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Video Message Best Practices

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Video Message Best Practices

How to make your personalized videos more effective

The impact of emailing has been slowly declining, but the good news is several new research studies have found that personalized video messaged are reinvigorating that communication medium. Video messages are a great tool for sellers to engage with prospect and customers in a personal way. When creating videos, follow these best practices to make your video standout.

Video Best Practices

The following list of ideas are good to keep in mind for ALL your personalized videos. Then as you become more comfortable creating and sending personalized video messages, begin testing your audiences with different formats. A/B test a 15 second video and a 30 second video. Or try one indoors and one outdoors, casual vs. professional. Discuss your ideas with your manager then educate your team with the results.

  • Start with something interesting. Grab their attention and make them WANT to click on the link.
  • Keep your surroundings in mind (lighting, sound, location).
  • Make videos no more than 90 seconds.
  • Make the content fun, but not at the cost of efficiency.
  • Have a clear intro message to grab viewers attention.
  • Have a call to action.
  • Include an Event in the video.
  • Click here for more inspiration and best practices.
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Video Contest

Get your team excited about sending personalize videos with an internal team contest. After the contest, you’ll have a library of videos for your team to use. You can have multiple categories such as the ones listed below.

Best Introduction Video:

  • Combine as many best practices as possible
  • Has a clear introduction message
  • Includes a Call to Action
  • Ready to add to training materials

Best Pitch Video:

  • Showcase new features
  • Combine this with your next product roll out!
  • Still try to keep it under 90 seconds

Most Original Video:

  • Get creative with location, personalization, props, etc.
  • Provides team members with ideas

Video Creation in Playbooks

Playbooks has multiple video-creating features built into the platform. Review these articles to learn more about how Vidyard and OneMob work in Playbooks.

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