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Email Feature Matrix

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Email Feature Matrix

What email features do you have based on your organization’s email system set up

The following table outlines what email features are available for users based on their company email setup. All email features are available for O365 users, including Playbooks Calendaring. Gmail users have access to all features except Playbooks Calendaring.  SMTP users have access to most features except Playbooks Calendaring, certain email notifications, CRM Email sync, and emails sent through Playbooks living in the users sent folder.

Feature  O365
(API integration)
SMTP  (Outbound protocol only) Gmail
(API integration)
Calendaring (all features)
Email Interaction Notifications
        Open Notifications
        Tracked attachments
        Link clicks
        Bounced emails
Sync Emails from/to Your Inbox to CRM
        Outbound emails
        Inbound emails
Sent items stored in SENT folder
Merge Fields
Scheduled Send
Auto-emails Play steps

Microsoft Exchange customers will setup an SMTP relay during the Playbooks implementation process to deliver email. Reference the SMTP column above for a list of available features.

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