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Step Up Your Game With Plays

By September 4, 2019April 10th, 2020No Comments

Step Up Your Game With Plays

How to enroll records into Plays and call them

Enrolling a Record

Without cadences, your CRM is just a contact list. Maximize your efforts by enrolling your leads into Plays.

To Enroll a Record into Playbooks

  1. Find the record in your CRM.
  2. Click the yellow Add to Playbooks button.
  3. Select the best Play for your prospect.
    Select Sample Play if you haven’t set any other Plays up yet.
  4. Click FINISH.
  5. Click Done.

Making a Phone Call

To Make a Phone Call

  1. Click DIAL to call.

  2. Click END to disconnect.

  3. Select the best disposition.

  4. Click SAVE.

Working from Plays

Well done! You have successfully loaded a record and completed a call directly from a Play. Use your new skills to:

  • Increase your contact rates
  • Get more done in a day
  • Connect with the right prospects
  • Set quality appointments
  • Spend more time selling
  • Close more deals

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