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Getting Started with Playbooks

By September 4, 2020February 18th, 2021No Comments

Getting Started with Playbooks

How to use Playbooks to enhance your sales Engagement



What is Playbooks?

Playbooks is a sales engagement tool that helps you to focus on the most important records or opportunities first. Its cutting-edge collective data stacks your pipeline with the prospects you are most likely to make meaningful contact with and the deals that you are most likely to close.

Stop wasting energy manually creating to-do lists in your CRM and let Playbooks take care of the busywork. After an administrator or manager has set up Playbooks for your organization, follow this article guide to set up Playbooks on your computer. You can also download the checklist for helpful new user exercises.

Download: New Playbooks User Checklist

Click this message to download the New Playbooks User Checklist and use it as a quick reference for Playbooks tasks and features.

XANT University

Want to learn about Playbooks in a virtual classroom environment? Visit XANT University for courses, videos, and quizzes to learn more about Playbooks. Print certificates of completion for each course you complete. Check back often for new content.

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Here are the steps that will guide you through getting started with Playbooks. You may click a step button below to jump to a specific step or follow the ‘Next’ Navigation on each article.

  1. Playbooks Application Setup
    Install and log into Playbooks for the first time.
  2. Playbooks Personal Settings
    Connect your phone number and email to Playbooks.
  3. Start Using Plays
    Review this start-to-finish overview of how Plays and Tasks work in Playbooks.
  4. New User Next Step
    Discover all the valuable features in Playbooks.



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