Next Bar Improvements

The Next Bar at the bottom of Playbooks has been redesigned to make it easier to find and always see the call, email, or other task actions. Prior to this release, the action buttons were too low on the screen for some reps and they had to scroll to see these actions. With the improved next bar the primary action will always be displayed, regardless of how small a rep’s monitor is.

When a rep places a call or is on an email step, all controls around that activity are displayed in the next bar. To move between records simply click the navigation arrows.

Call Logging Improvements

Being able to take notes live on a call is essential in capturing critical moments about a call. Prior to this release, the call log was only accessible at the conclusion of a call. With this update, reps can now access the call log at any time during the call by clicking on the call log icon in the new next bar.

Reps can take notes, fill out the call log, or record other vital information at anytime. If there is a need to go back to the main call screen the call log can be minimized and brought up at the conclusion at the call to finish taking notes.

NeuralVerify Updates

Playbooks leverages the collective intelligence of all customers on the platform to let reps know when the contact information for a prospect is likely to lead to a successful engagement. With the updates to NeuralVerify, it is easier than ever for reps to see if the contact information has been verified by someone else on the InsideSales.complatform.

Reps are told if the information on a prospect is verified as high contactability, low contactability, or if the contact information has been reported as being invalid. Using this information reps can track down new information without wasting time calling and emailing prospects that simply won’t engage.

Other Product Updates

  • Fixed an issue where immediately editing a newly imported prospect caused the prospect to be deleted.
  • Fixed an issue where reps could not do ad-hoc interactions while viewing a blocked task.
  • Fixed a handful of issues with email formatting and placeholder merge fields.
  • The gamification points at the top of Playbooks have been moved behind a new trophy icon to make room for future enhancements.
  • Added a button to export user information to a csv file from the teams page.
  • Playbooks now automatically has the fax field disabled from syncing.