Filter Memory

Playbooks enables reps to filter and sort their due tasks as reps desire. With this update, the tasks and sorts that a rep selects are remembered when a rep logs out and are automatically applied on next log in – reducing the need to manually set filters each day.

Filter Memory is now the default behavior around filtering & sorting and does not require configuration.


Recursive Automation Rules

Previous to this update when a record triggered an automation rule it could not trigger the rule additional times in the future. For example, if there was a rule that enrolled a record into a Play, if that record met the same rule criteria in the future it would not enroll the record again.

With this update, administrators can configure Playbooks to allow records to trigger the same automation rule multiple times. For example, you may create a rule that enrolls an account into a Play every 90 days for follow-up – with recursive automation rules this is now possible.

To set an automation rule as allowing recursive actions, edit the rule and toggle the switch titled “Allow Action to Repeat”.


Other Product Updates

  • An optimization has been made to how Playbooks interacts with the CRM which will reduce CRM API call usage.
  • Automation rules are now available for customers using Microsoft Dynamics 365.
  • Resolved a handful of issues around the new Next Bar and managing email templates.
  • Resolved an issue that caused reps to sometimes get stuck on the call disposition screen.