Playbooks Release – November 4th

On November 4th, 2019, will be changing its company name and brand. To coincide with these changes, the Playbooks product will be updated on the evening of November 4th to reflect the new name, logo, and colors associated with the new brand. There are no functionality changes being made to the product, the changes are purely cosmetic. For example, where a rep currently sees a green highlight color will be shown in a new color. As a result, there are no major impacts to users of the product.

Although there are no functional changes to the product, we want to make the transition to the new brand as seamless as possible for your reps. To make this process easier for you, we will be sending every Playbooks user an email and in-app message on the morning of November 4th to prepare them for the upcoming changes.

November 4th:

  • Morning – Brand announcement released to the press.
  • Morning – An email will be sent to all Playbooks users, notifying them of the new name and upcoming product changes.
  • Evening – Playbooks is updated to reflect the new brand colors and company name.

November 5th:

  • All users will get an in-app notification introducing them to the new name and brand.

(All times in MST)

Reps will automatically begin seeing changes to Playbooks on the evening of November 4th. The changes may take several days to reach all reps, however Playbooks is completely functional and available for use during this time.

NOTE: There will be no changes to PowerDialer as part of the rebranding of