Release notes outlining our new Call Recording Restrictions, Call Path Attendee and more

PowerDialer for Salesforce – Summer ‘18 Update

We are excited to announce the release of the PowerDialer for Salesforce Summer 2018 update. This update includes enhancements to Call Recording Restrictions, Call Path Attendees, Pausing & Resuming call recordings, an integration with Neural Insights, and more.

To get these latest features, please install the latest version of the PowerDialer for Salesforce from the salesforce AppExchange here.

Key Enhancements

Enhanced Call Recordings Restrictions

Call Recordings Restrictions allows managers to restrict users from calling specific area codes or countries.This enhancement introduces an updated experience for managers to configure these settings.

What It Will Do:
This enhancement gives managers an improved step-by-step experience when setting up and managing call restrictions.Historically users have only been able to restrict specific area codes.Now, managers may also restrict calls from specific countries.

Note: This feature will be released over-time, and will not be available for all customers on release. If you have questions, contact your account manager to get early access


Additional ‘Call Path Attendee’ options

When creating a rep queue for an inbound call path, managers may choose the type of attendees where inbound calls should be sent.  What it will do: This enhancement gives managers much more flexibility when specifying which users to associated to a rep queue.Historically, a manager could only select individual users. However, they can now select entire manager groups or groups of users assigned to a specific role. Specifying an attendee type by group or role saves managers valuable time because they no longer need to edit rep queues to add/remove users.Instead, managers can simply assign a user as a manager or to a specific role and the rep queues which include at least one of these will automatically include the user.

These are the two new options available in the rep queue:

  1. Manager
  2. Role(This option appears as ‘Team’ for non-Salesforce clients)


API for Pausing & Resuming Call Recordings

When taking sensitive information over the phone such as a credit card, it’s critical that the numbers not be recorded during the conversation in order to remain PCI compliant.Access points like an API that can control the pausing and resuming of call recording make this possible.

 What it will do:
This new feature gives clients the ability to automatically pause & resume call recordings from any 3rd party app that resides outside the Salesforce UI.

Now there are two ways to Pause & Resume of call recordings:
UseJavaScript within Salesforce for apps that run natively in Salesforce. Access our new API to integrate your 3rd party app or custom software withPowerDialer.

Note: Contact your account manager to get access to this API.You can also learn more about how to implement this API here:

Neural Insights Integration (Requires Package Update)

Get more out of PowerDialer with the help of our proprietary AI.Neural Insights takes the guesswork out of contacting the best leads at the most optimal time to increase your sales.

What it will do:
This new feature gives managers a whole new way to track the productivity and performance of their teams when they use Neural Scores within a Seek List.Neural Insights also helps managers optimize their sales team performance by helping sales reps identify and focus their calling efforts on leads that will make the greatest impact.

To access Neural Insights, click on the InsideSales tab within Salesforce, then click on ‘Neural Insights Dashboard’ located at the top left of the body of the page.

Note: Clients have access to the Neural Insights Dashboard only after their data has been imported and modeled within Neural Insights.This feature will be released over-time, and will not be available for all customers on release. If you have questions or want early access, contact your account manager.

Clients with Elevate get the followingthree (3) reports:

  1. Prospects – Thisreport identifies what do your best prospects look like.
  2. People – This report identifies who your top performers are, how your reps rank, and what makes a great rep.
  3. Productivity – This report identifies how your efforts are trending, how efficient your team is, and how your business is trending.

Clients with Accelerate get an additional predictive report: 

Predictive -This report highlights whether your predictive models working, how AI is impacting your business, and how much money you leave on the table.


InsideSales Settings

Neural Insights Reports (Opens in a new browser tab)

Other Improvements

*Scalability- This is a significant enhancement that alleviates collision errors which could affect large enterprise clients.  Reduced collision errors improves platform scalability, user experience, call logging and data saving
*Seek List- Enabled time blocks for Seek Lists by Reports
*Seek List- Resolved an error when creating a Seek List
Seek List- Resolved an issue where lead records could be presented to a user they are not coded for
*Seek List-Resolved issue where seek Lists didn’t contain expected records
Seek List- Resolved issue where records with a ‘Call Back’ could be presented in a Seek List
Seek List- Resolved an issue when adding a new Seek list report
*Seek List- Resolved an issue where the ‘Campaign Member Status’ would not populate in a query
*Seek List- Resolved an issue with the ‘View’ link in qualifying filters on the Seek List query results
Domino List- Resolved an issue where opportunity domino lists would not launch
Domino List- Resolved an issue when activating an empty Domino list
Domino List- Resolved an issue where a rep can view a list he is not invited to
*Domino List- Resolved issue with objects having bad area codes
*Dialer List- Clients can now determine if they want records with invalid phone numbers to be presented within Domino or Seek lists.  By default, invalid numbers are not included in lists.  To change that, contact your account manager
*Dialer List- Search by name field has been added at the top of the page for Seek and Domino Listings
*Dialer List- Resolved an issue where a list could be seen by a user that it is not shared with
*Dialer Panel- The user’s callback time has been updated to reflect the time on their device.  This will ensure an accurate time especially when users travel between timezones
*Dialer Panel- Ability to search custom objects in the ‘Relate to Existing Record’ screen
*Dailer Panel- Resolved an issue when a duplicate record for an inbound call displays ‘Unrecognized’ in the panel
*Lightning- Resolved issue related to an inability to access settings
Lightning- Resolved an issue where the Open Tasks feature stops working when a task is completed
*Lightning- Inbound calls now open within a new tab on the page instead of a new browser tab.  This now matches the experience in Classic
*Inbound- Resolved an issue where the auto-available was not triggered.  This occurred when a call log was saved before the call ended
*Call Logging- Resolved an issue related to refreshing the Dialer Panel while logging a call
*Call Transfers- Resolved issues related to multi-clicking on the Transfer button
*Manage Users- We now display the user’s Direct Inbound Number within their Salesforce user information
*Manage Users- Resolved an issue where a user record can not be saved
*Manage Users- Resolved an issue where records could not be edited when the right to edit was enabled
*Lead Records- Optimized the saving of lead record information to enhance performance
LMP- Resolved an issue where duplicate lead records could appear in an export
LMP- Resolved an error when attempting to export leads from the Campaign Manager
LMP- Resolved an issue with the advanced search related to the number of dials
LMP- Resolved an error when attempting to upload leads from a CSV file
Manage Callbacks- Enhanced security by NOT displaying Lead Queue names in the list of record owners on the Manage Callbacks page