We are excited to announce the PowerDialer for Salesforce Winter 2019 release. This release includes new features, fixes and enhancements.

  • When will the release happen?
    The release will occur November the 21st.
  • How do I get the enhancements?
    Customers need to install the latest package, 6.68.14.
Tip: Before you install a package into your production organization, first install the package into a recently refreshed Sandbox to test the application beyond the constraints of a read-only user.

You’ll be able to create, edit, and delete records, and see how the package interacts with other customizations within your organization.

Key Enhancements

NEW: Case object based seek lists limiting to account owner, not case owner

 Previously, lists built using Cases as the “Object to Call” referenced the related Account’s owner. This feature allows list to use the Case owner for record distribution.

NEW: Allow Call Now distribution to multiple lists

 Previously, Call Now records could be delivered to one particular list or all lists. Now this feature allows you to target multiple lists with the same workflow setup with a small change.

Ex.: dialer_initiative_id=123,456,789


NEW: Subtype added to creation of shell task – Change Call Logging to Salesforce

 Currently when a call is created through Power Dialer for Salesforce the task definition is set as Task Type: Call and Task Subtype: Task. In lightning you can use the Task Subtype as a driver for certain UI experiences so this enhancement will set that as “Call” when the dial is made.

NEW: Enhancement request: More granular ISDC permissions around Caller ID

 Ability to select what caller id options a rep can see. Retain Managers ability to select “Station Phone” as caller-ID option.

NEW: Inbound & Outbound report ability to export**

Previously, Inbound and Outbound reports do not allow users to export from the UI. This capability has been added with this release allowing users to download the viewable tables on the UI.

**Deployment of this feature has been delayed with AWS and will not be immediately available.  This feature will soon deploy without required action by the end user.