Improvements to Opportunities

Engaging key accounts and prospects through the opportunity object from the CRM is a major element of many modern sales teams. With Playbooks, organizations can enroll nearly any object into Plays, including opportunities. With this update, additional functionality is being added to the product to better support reps who use the opportunity object within Playbooks.

Schedule Send & SmartSend (NeuralSend)
Being able to schedule emails to be sent at a future date and time, or boosting email engagement by using SmartSend, are important arrows in the quiver of a rep. Prior to this update these important email capabilities were not available to be used on opportunities and other non-person objects. With this update reps can now use the Schedule Send and Smart Send on Opportunity records on emails sent as part of the Play and ad-hoc emails.

Collective Intelligence Feature: SmartSend uses buyer intelligence to determine the optimal time to send an email to achieve a positive email engagement. Click here to learn about SmartSend

Automatic Email Sending on Opportunities
Prior to this update, when an enrolled opportunity reached an automatic email step the email would be converted to a manually sent email. With this update, if an opportunity has only a single related contact, then Playbooks will automatically send the email to the contact. If the opportunity has multiple related contacts, the system will still convert the email to a manual send so that reps can choose who gets the email.

Other Opportunity Improvements

  • An issue was found within the email merge fields that would sometimes cause the merge fields to not update to properly reflect which contact on the opportunity was being emailed. This issue has been addressed with this release.
  • Sometimes when an opportunity was imported there was a delay in importing the related contacts. This issue has been addressed with this release.

Highspot Pitches Integration

Many organizations struggle with centralizing their email sales collateral such as attachments or product spec documents. Customers using Highspot to centralize their content can now use Highspot content directly from within Playbooks. By using Highspot and Playbooks together, reps can quickly engage their key contacts and find centrally managed sales content from the Highspot platform.

In July this year the Highspot and XANT teams jointly released the first version of the Highspot Playbooks integration. With this update to the integration, reps can now insert Highspot Pitches into Playbooks emails. With Pitches, reps can pull from their content library and create custom experiences for each prospect who accesses the content added to an email.

Inserting a Pitch
Inserting a Highspot Pitch is done the same way that adding a Highspot attachment was done previously. Simply navigate to the email compose window, click the attachment icon, and select Highspot Attachment.

In addition to adding Pitch functionality, Playbooks now also sends the recipient’s email to Highspot, allowing customers to track within the Highspot system which individuals are engaging with their emails.

Other Product Improvements

  • The Playbooks Notification that informs reps that a record was called recently has been extended to related records.
  • Long Play names are truncated within Playbooks. When Playbooks does this, reps can now hover over the truncated name to see the full name. On the Play enrollment screen, reps can now expand a Play to see the full Play name.