Playbooks Reports Beta

The Playbooks team is excited to announce the release of Playbooks Reports to our beta program. Over the past year, we have been hard at work trying to better understand the reporting needs of our users, sales managers, and sales leaders. With that research in hand, we are happy to bring activity reporting to Playbooks.

This reporting will work out-of-the-box, regardless of which CRM you use for your sales teams. Reports are based exclusively on the activities that occur directly inside of Playbooks, so you’ll never need to worry about whether or not your CRM is properly connected.

While Playbooks reports is now going to beta, we anticipate launching Playbooks Reports to all customers early Summer 2020.

Visualize Activities

Playbooks Reports offers a beautiful new visualization engine for your data. You can view your sales activities by total or by average activities per day, and you can drill down into sales teams or all the way down to individual users. You can even take a look into your historical activities with weekly and monthly views of your data.

A Variety of Metrics

While reports will default to selecting your total activities for inbound calls, outbound calls, emails sent, and other tasks, you can also select other metrics. Visualize your activities by a specific call disposition, or choose an email interaction metric like email opens, replies, or clicked links. Additionally, take a look at your teams’ total talk time over a period of time or see how many meaningful conversations are occurring.

Choosing Conversion Metrics

Take your activity analysis a step further by layering a conversion metric on top of your data. Reports can be customized to include conversion data by selecting your choice of activity metric and then choosing from more than a dozen different conversion metrics.

Save Your Reports

Once you’ve set your desired filters and metrics on a report, you can easily save that report for future use. Give your report a name, and you’ll be able to access the report again with a single click.

Coming Soon…

The first version of native Playbooks Reports is focused on the number of activities reps are performing. In the near future, expect to see more in-depth reporting around Plays and email template effectiveness. Playbooks reports will help you break down which Plays are working and which templates are most effective at generating interactions and replies.

Interested in the Beta?

If you are interested in using Playbooks Reports during the beta program please contact your XANT account manager. There is no additional cost to be part of the beta or to use Playbooks Reports upon general availability.