NeuralMap (Beta)

Hunting for the right contacts to reach out to consumes a considerable amount of time reps could otherwise spend engaging with prospects. NeuralMap brings intelligent contact recommendations to the rep within Playbooks, ensuring reps have the right contacts to work and reducing wasted time.

NeuralMap leverages the collective intelligence of all sellers on the InsideSales.com platform to identify engagement patterns, and then suggest new contacts to reps based on those patterns.

NeuralMap Example
 Rep A calls Prospect 1, and then calls two other people tied to the account.
2.) When Rep B brings up Prospect 1, Playbooks will suggest other contacts based on Rep A’s success.

Suggested Records
Playbooks will suggest reps work with records that are already in their CRM. Playbooks will also suggest new records that are not yet in the CRM. When a rep clicks the Add to the CRM button, the record will automatically be created in the CRM.

When a record has successfully been added to the CRM, Playbooks will immediately open that record in the CRM.

Setting Up Record Creation
Each CRM is configured differently and has different required field configurations. To ensure that Playbooks can successfully create new records in the CRM through NeuralMap, it is essential that an administrator configure default prospect fields.

For example, if a record cannot be created in the CRM without a Lead Source, an administrator will need to add Lead Source to the default prospect fields so that Playbooks can create a new record successfully.

Data Considerations

While Playbooks leverages the collective intelligence of all sellers on the platform to provide contact recommendations, all contact information suggested is sourced by third-party data sources. NeuralMap is not taking contacts from one customer and providing it to another.

Implementation Details:

  • By default, NeuralMap is disabled. An administrator will need to go into permission groups and manually enable this permission.
  • Administrators should configure record creation before rolling this feature out to reps.
  • This feature is being released in beta. To opt-in to the beta, simply enable the permission in permission groups.


Improved Navigation

Playbooks Navigation has been updated to enable reps to access the main menu navigation from any screen within Playbooks. Previous to this improvement, if a rep was on a screen like a task, reps would have to press the back button and then they could access the menu. With this update, the menu is accessible on all screens.

  • The three horizontal bars open the menu from any page.
  • The left facing arrow functions as a “back” button that reps have currently.

Implementation Details:

  • This is standard functionality and will be applied to all users. There is no configuration required to benefit from this improvement.


Other Product Updates

  • NeuralSend and Schedule Send can now be used on click-to-email and ad-hoc emails.
  • The inbound call ScreenPop now shows the rep queue that the call is from so that reps have context for the purpose of the inbound call.
  • A handful of issues related to call logging were resolved.
  • Fixed an issue where code was displayed in email subjects when placeholder merge fields were used that contained “&”.