Immediate Response Routing

Responding quickly to new lead inquiries is often the winning factor in engaging with prospects over the competition. A recent lead response study conducted by XANT found that responding to new leads within the first 5 minutes led to an increase in contact rates 8 times higher than waiting 6 minutes or more. With this product update, XANT is announcing new immediate response capabilities that enable organizations to respond to new lead inquiries in real-time. This means that rather than waiting minutes, hours, or even days to engage a new prospect – prospects are engaged within seconds of submitting their information.

How it Works:

When a lead is created in the CRM, the lead is immediately pushed over into Playbooks and into a Play. When this happens, Playbooks notifies reps through a round-robin fashion that a hot new lead has been created. These hot leads are shared with the reps, meaning that the first rep who takes the record is the one who can work it. Each rep has ten seconds to take the hot new lead and begin working it before it is automatically routed to the next available rep.

In benchmark testing, the average time it takes for a new lead created in the CRM to be shown to users in Playbooks is under five seconds.

Getting Started:
Getting started with immediate response is easy but involves some setup in the beginning. Because this feature involves changing your business processes to accommodate responding faster to new leads, we recommend you reach out to your CSM to get started.

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Highspot Pitches Integration

Highspot enables organizations to create central repositories of sales content. Sales reps love Highspot because they can go to a single source to find the latest sales collateral to use in their prospecting efforts. With this update, Highspot customers can now add Highspot Pitches into emails sent through Playbooks. This new pitch integration with Highspot replaces the old “Add Highspot Attachment” integration.

Getting Started:

  • You must be a Highspot customer to use the Highspot integration.
  • This integration is off by default; it must be enabled in Settings within the Manager App.
  • Users do not have to install the Highspot Chrome Plugin to use this integration.
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