Calendar Invite Improvements

In the product update last month, a new calendaring feature was added to the product that allows reps to view their calendar and schedule events without ever leaving Playbooks. The July update improves this feature further by adding two new capabilities: the ability to convert emails to calendar invites and simplified time selecting.

Convert email to calendar invite
When a rep performs a click-to-email from the CRM or clicks the ad-hoc email button, they will now have the choice to convert the email to a calendar invite instead. To do this, a rep clicks the button in the top right of the email compose window that converts it to a calendar invite.

Simplified Time Selecting
When viewing their calendar, a rep can now select a time directly from the calendar view. Previously reps could only view their calendar but were unable to select a time from that view.

Release Details
To benefit from this innovation, an administrator must first enable the “Calendar Integration” permission in permission groups.

Call Recording Control API

Organizations have complex needs when it comes to compliance. Over the last handful of releases, new compliance capabilities like Dynamic Rep Notifications and Local Calling Rule Compliance have been made available. With this update, new compliance capabilities around call recordings are being made available.  A new set of APIs can be used to systematically start or stop a call recording.

Example Usage:
A company takes credit card or other sensitive information over the phone. The company wants to ensure that the sensitive information is not recorded on the call recording. Using this new API, the company can cause XANT to stop recording the call while the credit card form is open, and then resume the recording when the credit card form is closed.

Release Details
To begin using this feature please contact your Customer Success Manager.

Other Product Innovation

  • Inbound Call Paths now support menus with up to 10 options (0-9) each. This improvement increases the limit from 4 to 10 per menu.
  • Computer-based Calling is no longer in beta. This functionality is now generally available.
  • Users with the permission to control call recordings now see these controls on inbound calls. Previously this functionality was limited to only outbound calls.