We recently introduced the ability to enable inbox email syncing. With inbox email syncing, all inbound and outbound emails sent directly from your email client (outside of Playbooks) can automatically sync to the CRM via Playbooks. With this release, organizations can now optionally configure inbox email syncing to also sync attachments from emails into the CRM.

Enabling Email Attachment Syncing
Just like inbox email syncing, this functionality can be enabled on a per company or per user basis. Furthermore, only emails with attachments that have a corresponding CRM record will be synced to the CRM.

To turn on email attachment syncing, you must first enable inbox email syncing. Once that is completed, simply check the box for Email Attachment Syncing.


Leaderboard Power Anthems

Playbooks TV Leaderboards enable reps to see who the leaders and laggards are on any given team. With this update, reps can now upload “Power Anthems” or short audio files that will Play when they become the new leader on a TV Leaderboard.

Uploading Audio Files
Reps can upload and then trim audio-files that will be Played when they become the leader. To upload a new audio-file, go to Settings and click the Power Anthems button. Reps can use the audio-editor to select the 15 second audio clip that should be played when they become the new leader.

Enabling Sounds on TV Leaderboards
Most modern browsers do not allow sounds to play on browser windows without a user first clicking on the window at least once. Browsers do this to prevent things like pop-up ads from playing music on your computer without you seeing the ad first.

This limitation applies to sounds on Playbooks TV Leaderboards. If a user who launches a TV leaderboard does not click into the window at least once, it will not play user Power Anthems. Leaderboards now show a button to enable sound when they are launched. For sounds to function, a user will need to press that button.


Delete Active Plays

Managers can now delete Plays that are currently in-flight, enabling them to end Plays that no longer need to be used. When an active Play is deleted, all records in the Play will automatically be removed from the Play, but the records will still be in each user’s Playbooks.


Intelligent Email Bounce Prevention

Sending emails to email addresses that bounce can impact the deliverability of the emails that your organization sends. With this new release, Playbooks notifies and restricts reps from sending to email addresses that are known to hard bounce.

Playbooks can detect if an email address will bounce without a rep even having to send an email. This feature utilizes the collective intelligence of users on the Playbooks platform. If anyone else using InsideSales.com has recently emailed an email address and it has bounced reps will be notified across the platform that the email address is no longer valid.


Call Recording Streaming

Ensuring company compliance and coaching reps is an essential component of any sales team. Playbooks makes it easy to listen to these important calls by providing a link to each call recording on the call tasks in the CRM.

With this update, when a user clicks on a call recording link an audio-streamer opens in a new browser tab, enabling a user to listen to a call without having to download the recording to their computer.

While viewing the audio-streamer a user can optionally choose to download the call recording by clicking the download link.

Permissions For Downloading
Administrators can set which users have the ability to download recordings within the new recording streamer by enabling or disable the new “Call Recordings” permission in permission groups. Upon release, all existing permission groups will have this setting enabled, allowing users to download recordings like they currently have access to do.


Other Product Updates

  • Users can now filter plays and templates by tag both within the Playbooks extension and Manager App.
  • Playbooks no longer makes fax fields dial-able from the CRM.
  • Playbooks now automatically detects dependent pick-list values from the CRM and supports those in the call log.
  • Fixed several issues around email templates & template management.
  • Fixed several issues around call dispositioning.

Playbooks extension version: 1.3039.0