December 13th, 2019 Product Update

Improved Email Sending & Tracking

Being able to seamlessly send and track emails is an essential component of any Play cadence. A number of email improvements have been made with this update to streamline the email functionality of Playbooks.

Email Tracking Improvement:
Ensuring that emails are being tracked correctly is key to knowing how prospects are engaging. If a rep sends an email and then opens the email in their sent folder, that can cause an Open event to incorrectly to trigger. To help combat this, Playbooks has a blacklisting feature, where administrators can set which IP addresses to ignore if an open happens. It can be hard for administrators to know of all the IP addresses that they should be blacklisting to prevent inaccurate tracking events.

With this update, Administrators will periodically get emails from XANT letting them know that there appears to be IP addresses that are not on the blacklist. Only users that are part of the Administrator permission group receive these emails. Administrators will only receive an email once for each IP address that appears to need to be blacklisted.

Email Notification Speed:
Responding quickly to email tracking events can make the difference between successfully connecting with a prospect or missing out. With this update, Playbooks now delivers email tracking events even faster to reps, making sure reps know the exact moment a prospect engages with their email content.

Upload Multiple Attachments
Reps are frequently uploading attachments to the emails sent through Playbooks. With this update, reps can now choose to upload multiple files at the same time rather than uploading one file at a time.

Automatic Email Converted to Manual Emails
When a rep has an automatic email getting ready to send, if a problem such as an empty merge field is encountered the email is changed to a manual email so that the rep can address the issue and then send the email. Prior to this update, when an email was made manual, no information was provided to the rep explaining why. With this update, when an automatic email is converted to a manual email Playbooks now explains why.

Other Product Improvements

  • Updated a number of screens to better align with the XANT brand.
  • Improved speed for a number of features.
  • Released a permission for the Data Append feature – it can now be disabled.
  • Released the ability to upload messages for Call Paths.
  • Fixed an issue where Robots could not use absolute dates from the past.
  • Fixed an issue causing emails to not send to opportunities when Neural Send was enabled.