AI Convertability Prioritization

Collective Convertability prioritization of tasks is now available for all customers regardless of product package. With Collective Convertability, reps are able to prioritize their tasks based on who is most likely to convert. By focusing on the most valuable tasks first, reps can expect more conversations with their prospects and a higher conversion rate.

Customers who routinely prioritize their tasks by Convertability have reported as much as a 124% increase in conversion rates. Sorting by Convertability is most useful in situations where reps have more tasks than they can reasonably complete in a single day.

Configuring Convertability Prioritization
The new Convertability Prioritization will begin being released to customers starting December 11th. This release will be done by customer-by-customer, with all customers receiving Convertability Prioritization by the end of December. There is no additional configuration required to begin seeing this functionality.

Sorting by Convertability
Reps can begin sorting by convertability immediately upon the release by selecting the “Priority Score” sorting option while viewing their list of tasks.

Accelerate Customers
Customers who choose the Accelerate Package are given customized convertability models that are tailored to their unique CRM needs. These models give additional lift beyond the convertability for all customers made available with this product update.

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Improved CRM Email Syncing

Gmail Do-Not-Sync Blacklisting
Prior to this update, emails that were sent directly from the Gmail Inbox would ignore the Do Not Sync blacklist. For some customers, this meant some emails were syncing to the CRM that they did not want to sync. With this update Playbooks for Gmail now respects the Do-Not-Sync blacklist – if a email being sent from Gmail qualifies for the blacklist it will not be synced to the CRM. This capability will be released over time throughout the month of December.

Intelligent Task Relationship
Playbooks enables organizations to enroll nearly any object into a Play to be worked. For many customers that means enrolling objects like Opportunities, Cases, or Accounts in addition to Leads and Contacts. When a user has enrolled a non-person object into a Play such as an opportunity, they select the desired contact to email on each step. Prior to this update, when the contact would respond the system would only log the CRM activity to the contact. With this update Playbooks will now related the task to the Opportunity in addition to the Contact. This additional relationship is important for measuring outcomes against the primary object such as an opportunity.

Opportunity Response Alerting
When a contact responds to an email that was sent through Playbooks, if that contact is related to an enrolled Opportunity, Playbooks will now automatically pause the Opportunity in the Play and require that the user decide on what the next course of action should be.

Play Reporting Updates

Playbooks Reports now includes a new data type: Records Touched. Change from Total Activities to Records Touched to gain insight into how reps are interacting with records within Playbooks. Analyze Records Touched compared to any conversion metric, such as Emails Opened or Plays Marked Successful.

Using this data type, organizations can answer questions like:

  • How many records did each of my teams touch last month?
  • How successful were each of my Plays based the number of records enrolled?
  • What percentage of records had meaningful conversations?
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Other Product Updates

SMS Phone Number Labels are now shown
When a user goes to send a text, they will now see the CRM labels for each phone numbers so that they know which number they are texting.

Hover Pop-ups
Various hover-over pop-ups have been adding to the product, making it easier to see what certain buttons do and what hidden text is.