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Troubleshooting ‘Send Outbound Message’ on Workflows

By September 12, 2019No Comments

Troubleshooting ‘Send Outbound Message’ on Workflows

Use these tips to troubleshoot Outbound Messages when using ‘Call Now’ or Gamification KPI workflow rules in Salesforce


Some of the PowerDialer features rely on creating Workflow Rules with ‘Send Outbound Message’ as the workflow action in Salesforce. If you are having trouble achieving the desired outcome with your Workflow Rules, i.e. Call Nows are not queuing in the correct Seek List(s) or KPIs are not logging properly in Gamification tools like Leaderboards, double check that ‘Send Outbound Message’ permission is enabled for users in the two scenarios listed in this article.

Send Outbound Message Permission

This permission can be found by going to Setup > Manage Users > Profiles > [select the profile]. Ensure the ‘Send Outbound Messages’ permission is checked.

Scenario #1) ‘User to send as’ field on Outbound Message

In Salesforce, verify the ‘Send Outbound Message’ permission is enabled for the profile of the user listed as the ‘User to send as’ field. (See image below)

Scenario #2) The user who last modified the record to qualify it

The ‘Send Outbound Message’ permission also needs to be enabled for the profile of the user that last modifies a record which then qualifies it for a workflow rule to trigger. This includes automation users.

Real example: A Call Now workflow rule was not queuing up the records that should have been qualified, when compared to their Salesforce report with matching criteria. Upon inspection, the ‘Last Modified By’ user was “HubSpot System” user. This was a user added by HubSpot to automate records from a webform. (Similar to the Integration User.) The custom profile created for HubSpot System user did not have the ‘Send Outbound Message’ permission enabled. Once it was enabled for the custom profile Call Now records started to populate in the Seek List.

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