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Powerstandings Setup for Lightning Experience

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Powerstandings Setup for Lightning Experience

How do I enable the Personal Sidebar widget in Lightning?


The PowerStandings Sidebar widget can now be accessed directly from within Salesforce Lightning interface with versions of PowerDialer 6.51.7 and higher.

Adding Powerstandings to the Lightning Interface

In order for agents to access their Powerstandings widget, a Salesforce administrator must enable the panel. Once the panel as been enabled, reps will see it displayed next to the dialer button on each page in Lightning if they are using the app you created the utility item in. Make sure the app you select (step 2) is the app you and your reps use regularly. If you use multiple apps regularly, you will want to add the PowerStandings bar to multiple apps.

To Add the Powerstandings Widget to the Lightning Interface

  1. In Salesforce Lightning, go to Setup > Apps > App Manager
  2. Find the App that you want to add PowerStandings to (Sales Console, Service Console, etc.) and click the arrow and select ‘Edit’
  3. Select ‘Utility Items’ on the left side
  4. Click ‘Add Utility Item’
  5. Scroll down to the ‘Custom’ category for ‘PowerstandingsWidget’. (You will need to make sure ‘My Domain’ has been set up for your Salesforce instance. If it has not, click the ‘Deploy My Domain’ under the ‘Custom” section and set it up.)
  6. After clicking on PowerstandingsWidget, give it a name, and select an icon
  7. Set the panel width to 224 and height to 360
  8. Check the box for ‘Load the background when app opens’ or ‘Start automatically’
  9. Click Save

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