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Powerstandings Leaderboards

Customize your own Leaderboards that highlight top performers, individual victories and team challenges in exciting and elegant displays.

Motivate Your Team

Recognition breeds motivation. Leaderboards add a key motivational component to PowerStandings, giving your reps a public, up-to-the-second view of activity. As work gets done and KPIs tally, your Leaderboards update in real-time to give insights in to performance.

Leaderboard Sections

Top 3: Located on the far left of the Leaderboard, this displays the profile pictures for the top 3 performers in the Leaderlist.

Leaderlist: Located in the middle of the Leaderboard, it shows up to the top 10 reps in a given KPI metric.  You can select up to 10 Leaderlists to display different KPI metrics on a rotating basis.

Events Feed: Located on the right side of the Leaderboard, it lists the 3 most recent PowerStandings events

Creating a Leaderboard

To Create a Leaderboard

  1. Click on the InsideSales tab
  2. Click on Manage Leaderboards
  3. Click Create New Leaderboard or Edit next to an existing Leaderboard
  4. Configure the Leaderboard (settings explained below)
  5. Click Save when you have completed configuring the Leaderboard

Leaderboard Settings

Leaderboard Name: Typically a team name. Keep the name shorter than the text box so the name won’t truncate on the Leaderboard. This does not display anywhere on the leaderboard when opened, it is only used for keeping track of who the leaderboard is for.

Transition Time: Determines how long the current Leaderlist will remain displayed before transitioning to the next.  Recommended setting is 30 seconds.

Custom Sounds: You can set this to Enabled or Disabled. For the custom sound to play, the Event must have the Full-screen option selected (see Events below). If enabled, reps can select a custom sound or song to play during their Leaderboard events. Reps can upload this custom sound from the PowerStandings panel by clicking the person icon beside their profile picture and selecting Upload: Sound.  For the custom sound to play, the Event must have the Full-screen option selected (see Events below).

Keep Alive: Best practice to keep this setting enabled. This setting allows the Leaderboard to keep its session alive with the ISDC back end services. Managers  may choose to disable this feature if they do not want sessions to stay alive. When Keep Alive is disabled, your Leaderboard will time out based on your timeout settings.

Keep Alive Interval: Determines the time period that the Leaderboard session lasts. The best setting is either 5 or 10 minutes depending on your timeout settings.

Leaderlist Settings

Active: Make sure this box is checked for the Leaderlist to appear on your Leaderboard.

Title: This determines what title that will appear on the top of the Leaderboard.  We recommend including the KPI and time range in the title, i.e. “Daily Dials”.  Also, if the text extends beyond the text box, it will truncate on the Leaderboard.

Content: From this drop down you select the active KPI you wish the Leaderlist to reflect. If a KPI is not active, it will not show in this drop down.

Date Range: Select the range of time you wish reflected on the Leaderlist.  We recommend monthly or less.  For KPIs that occur more frequently, such as Dials, consider Daily or Weekly.

Color: This determines the color scheme and background color of your Leaderlist.  If you are using multiple Leaderlists, consider using different background colors to help distinguish each list.

Teams: This determines the agents who are eligible to be displayed on your Leaderlist.  You can select more than one team, though the Leaderlist does not display individual agents’ team names.

Event Settings

Clicking on ‘Edit’ will open the list of Events you can select from.  Next to each Event are two check boxes where you can set the behavior of each event in relation to the KPI.

Event Feed: Checking this box determines whether the Leaderboard will display that particular event on the Events section (right side of leaderboard).  This box must be checked to enable the Full-screen option to be selected.

Full-screen: This allows the event to trigger a full-screen event.  To enable Full-screen events you must also check Event Feed.  Custom Sounds will only play for Events that are enabled for Full-screen.

Open (Display) Your Leaderboard

Once you have completely configured a Leaderboard you can access it by clicking the ‘Open’ link next to the board you want in the list area. The board will launch in a new browser window (make sure you allow the window pop-up through your pop-up blocker).

Leaderboards are designed to run in a browser window, full screen. For Firefox and Google Chrome on a PC, a page can be viewed full screen by pressing the ‘F11’ key.

Leaderboards are designed to properly display on monitors 1080 in height.  If a 1600 x 900 monitor is used, the bottom of the Leaderboard may be cut off.

Leaderboard Best Practices

  • Do not configure more than 3-5 full-screen events. The more teams and users assigned to a Leaderboard, the more event notifications they will receive. Keeping full-screen events down to 3-5 prevents event notification exhaustion.
  • Encourage reps to upload their theme songs via their Personal Profiles to get the most out of the Leaderboards events.

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