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PowerStandings: Challenges & Achievements (User)

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PowerStandings: Challenges & Achievements (User)

How to win more points with PowerStandings Challenges and Achievements in PowerDialer.


PowerStandings Challenges are time-based competitions issued by a manager or admin that give you a chance to win bonus PowerStandings points based on your metrics.

Active Challenges

If you have an active Challenge, you can see it on your Personal Widget. It will display the name of the Challenge (up to a few characters), your rank, the KPI measurement you have recorded, and the KPI measurement of the next highest person.

Viewing In-depth Challenge Information

You can see your Challenge history, Active Challenges, and upcoming Challenges in your PowerStandings Profile, which you can access by clicking the profile button on your Personal Widget.

In your profile, click the “Challenges” tab to view your Challenge history and other information. You can click on the dropdown in the top right corner to choose between Active, Scheduled, and Expired Challenges.


Achievements are badges that commemorate the achievement of a milestone based on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Once unlocked, an achievement stays on the user’s profile for the life of the account.

Achievements in Progress

Open your PowerStandings Profile by clicking the profile button on the Personal Widget

From there, go click on the “Achievements” tab and you can choose whether to look at Achievements In Progress or Achievements Completed

Earning Achievements

If you are on any active Leaderboards, the Leaderboard will display your name, the Achievement, and play your custom sound (if you have one enabled in your profile). If there are any points awarded for the Achievement, they will be reflected in your PowerStandings Points.

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