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Monitoring Calls

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Monitoring Calls

How can I monitor agent phone calls with PowerDialer?

Monitor Calls Link

The Monitoring tool can be launched from the InsideSales tab in Salesforce. This tool is designed for admins and managers, and should therefore be restricted using the InsideSales Permission Groups.

Available Monitoring Actions

Within the Monitor Calls window, there are a few Monitoring Actions which can also be restricted using Permission Groups.

  • Listen – Ability to listen to the call with no party having the ability to hear you.
  • Whisper – Ability to listen to the call and speak with the rep/user you are monitoring.
  • Barge – Ability to listen to the call and speak with all parties on the call.
  • Disconnect Call – Ability to manually disconnect the call the user is currently on. (This will only disconnect the client leg, not the agent leg.)
  • View Record – If the record exists in Salesforce and the system is able to match the phone number, clicking this option will open the Salesforce record in a new tab.

Monitoring a Call

Go to the InsideSales tab, and click on Monitor Calls in the ‘Call Monitoring & Recording’ section under ‘Administrator Tools’. That will launch a screen like the image below.

In order to monitor a call, you must enter your station or cell phone number in the Monitor Calls settings menu. To access, click on the gear icon in the top right corner in the window.

To Monitor a Call

  1. Now, find the agent who you wish to monitor. Use the Search box is necessary.
  2. Select the monitoring action you would like to perform.
  3. Once you selected the option, you will receive a phone call to the phone number that you provided in the settings menu.
  4. Answer the incoming call. You’ll be connected and the call monitoring window will change to give you an option to leave the call.
  5. Once you have finished monitoring the call, click LEAVE CALL to be disconnected. Note – this will not end the call that your user is having. This will only disconnect the call you received to monitor the call. 

Additional Information

  • An admin/manager can only monitor one call at a time
  • When Whispering or Barging, you can only speak with the rep/user when the client leg is connected (not between calls).
  • If there are some monitoring actions that are unavailable, speak with your InsideSales Admin in order to verify you have the correct permissions for call monitoring.
  • We’ve recently changed the look of our monitoring tool. The video below is still relevant and helpful, but looks a little different.

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