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Managing your Caller ID

What options does a user have for Caller ID options when using the Click to Call?

Customize Your Caller ID

PowerDialer currently offers four options to customize your Caller ID. This gives you flexibility to use the best option for different types of prospects and contacts.

  • Agent Number: This option will show the number that you are using as your station phone
  • Custom Number: This will allow you to type in the number you’d wish to display as your Caller ID.
    You should only enter a number that you or your company has control of. You should also consider the prospect or contact’s experience if they call that number back. Remember, the goal is to get a call back.
    Consider using an Inbound phone number that routes ‘Round Robin’ style to the Inbound Sales Team.
  • Company Number or your Sales Number: Company numbers allows you to use a standard company number that we pull from the Company Information page in Salesforce. Make sure the number you use is a number you can access or you won’t receive the callbacks made to it.
  • Local Presence: Display a local Caller ID based on the phone number that you are calling.
Note: If a prospect calls back the Local Presence Caller ID, the call will be routed to the rep that made the call as long as the customer uses the same phone number they were called on.

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