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LocalPresence by XANT

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LocalPresence by XANT

Local Presence, what is it and how do we set it up for PowerDialer?

LocalPresence adds a personal touch to phone calls by automatically displaying a local caller-id. LocalPresence integrates with the PowerDialer and Playbooks products which enables sales reps to increase contact rates and make more sales.


  • Increase contact rates up to 38% when switching from a toll free number
  • Increase contact rates up to 25% when switching from a long distance number
  • Obtain a local network presence in all major markets

To get started with LocalPresence start by reaching out to your Customer Experience Manager. Once that process has been completed the LocalPresence bucket will be added to your account and Sales Reps can begin using LocalPresence as their Caller ID.

Turning LocalPresence on for Users

There are two different ways to enable LocalPresence for a user.

  • Reps select LocalPresence from the Caller ID drop down on the Dialer Panel. (Reps will need the option to change their caller id which is controlled by their InsideSales Permission Group).
    Best Practice: Group your records to call so that you are dialing prospects as a group (and using LocalPresence), then dialing your known contacts (and using your Station Phone as the Caller ID).
  • Manager/Admins can set a caller id within the InsideSales User profile page.

Create a LocalPresence Call Path

Once LocalPresence has been added to your account you will want to make sure any LocalPresence callbacks are accurately routed. For example, a Sales Rep calls a prospect and the prospect does not answer, but calls the LocalPresence number back the following hour. Where does that prospects call get routed? PowerDialer admins need to add it to a call path so knows how you want to have the calls routed to your reps.

To Create a LocalPresence Call Path

  1. Navigate to the Insidesales tab within Salesforce
  2. Select the ‘Manage Call Paths’ link at the bottom of the page
  3. At the bottom of the page click on the ‘Create New Call Path’ button
  4. You will need to build a Call Path to route those calls, you have a few different options but best practice to route the calls to the last caller.
  5. Before saving the Call Path make sure to select the LocalPresence bucket as the inbound number.

Additional Details

  • A huge benefit for reps is being able to see what caller id they are using. Within the permission group you can enable ‘Display Caller-ID In Use’ which will display the Caller ID on the dialer panel.
  • LocalPresence is only offered on Elevate and Accelerate
  • LocalPresence covers all area codes across the United Sates, Canada, and EU (EU has restrictions for each country, contact your CSM for more information)
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