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Introduction to Setting Up Inbound Calling

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Introduction to Setting Up Inbound Calling

How do I configure inbound calling with PowerDialer?

Obtain a Valid Phone Number

In order for inbound functionality to work, the inbound call needs to first be routed to XANT. That means, that for any inbound number dialed by a prospect or known contact, except in the case of forwarding which is explained below, the number must be owned by XANT.

Discuss the pros and cons of each option with your Customer Experience Manager to find the best fit for your situation.

The XANT system provides three different options to get that number assigned and set-up:

  1. Forward: One option is to keep your existing number just as it is, but arrange with your telecommunications provider to forward calls to another number that XANT owns and will allocate to you. This new number would be hidden from your customers. Note that this isn’t always the most recommended option, since adding another hop into the call routing could risk call quality.
  2. Transfer: Another option is to transfer your number to XANT. This means that XANT is the Responsible Organization (RespOrg) for that dialed number. This requires you have the current telecommunications provider that owns the number transfer it to XANT. That way you’ll keep the same number and you’ll have no extra telephone network hops.In the future, if you decide to stop using XANT you can have the phone number transferred to another phone carrier. This is a common practice, similar if you were to change cell phone providers and wanted to keep your phone number.
  3. Purchase: The third option is to start fresh with a brand new number provided by XANT.

Set Up Routing Configuration

Once the phone calls come into the XANT system, you need to determine how calls are routed to agents, what messages callers hear, failover times, etc.

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Configure Inbound Company Settings

There are several Inbound Settings that can be configured in the “Manage Company Settings” link of the InsideSales tab.

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