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Introduction to PowerDialer for Salesforce

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Introduction to PowerDialer for Salesforce

Explore the PowerDialer features that reduce inefficiency and accelerate sales.

PowerDialer is a Sales Acceleration Platform

PowerDialer for Salesforce is an integrated sales tool that increases a sales rep’s efficiency by combining features including one-click dialing, advanced list prioritization,  pre-recorded voice messages, inbound call routing, emailing, and more. Reduce downtime and capitalize on increased revenue as you increase productivity throughout the entire sales process.

Research has shown that most companies are too slow and not persistent enough in reaching out to leads. PowerDialer fixes this issue by enabling sales reps to be fully connected with the prospects and contacts in their own CRM. PowerDialer analyzes and prioritizes your leads so sales reps connect with the best leads first and sell more.

Click to Call

The Click-to-Call panel allows users to utilize the productivity boosting features without leaving the CRM. To call records based off of a list, the rep simply selects the list from the panel settings to work with, then advances thru the list with the Next Record button. In addition, the Click-to-Call panel allows users to place a call by clicking on the hyperlinked phone number on the record.

Easy Call Logging

Using the Click to Call makes logging a call simple and fast. When you make a call using PowerDialer technology, a task is automatically created and added to the record you called. You can quickly enter notes about the call from the Click to Call panel, and even edit custom task fields from the Click to Call panel without leaving the prospect or contact’s record in Salesforce.

Motivation with Gamification

How many dials have I made? And how many dials has my teammate made? Where do I rank on my team?

PowerDialer makes it easy and fun to track Key Performance Indicators. The PowerStandings personal widget appears on the left sidebar in Salesforce and is a powerful visibility tool. If a team manager wants to issue a Challenge to the whole team, it will appear here. If one team member wants to challenge another team member they can issue a Throwdown.

Pre-Recorded Voice Messages

If you are saying the same thing over and over in your voice messages, consider recording the message and leave it for your prospects with one click of a button and put that time back in your time bank. PLUS, your voice messages will sound perfect every single time!

Reporting and Improving believes in the power of analytics. Every call you make with a Call Result feeds into the larger conglomerate of data from your team, your company, and other users. That data then drives conversations to help you as a Sales Rep improve your strategy, it helps managers coach and build amazing sales teams, and it even adds to InsideSales’ cross company data so we can offer great tools like “Best Number to Dial” and “NeuralSend” for emails.

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