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How is Time Zone Calculated for Seek Lists and Callbacks?

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How is Time Zone Calculated for Seek Lists and Callbacks?

An explanation on how the time zone is calculated for Seek List filters and callbacks.

How Time Zone is Calculated

When calculating the time zone for a record (contact/lead), PowerDialer refers to the country or area code of the phone number in the “Standard Phone” field on the record. Admins creating Seek Lists with Calling Time limitations should be aware of this.

Example: A contact with the area code 801 is located in Utah which has the standard time zone of Mountain Standard Time (GMT-7) If the current time for Utah does not fall in the “Business Hours” calling time (8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.) limitation that contact will not be pulled into the Seek List with a limit calling hours setting of “Business Hours”

Another place where you see time zone calculated is while setting callbacks in the Click to Call panel. After pressing the “Set Callback” button in the Click to Call panel you will see two fields that will automatically populate with times for when the callback will be scheduled. These fields are “Your Time” and “Their Time” fields. The “Your Time” field will match the time on your device/computer that you are using. The “Their Time” will show the corresponding time in the objects (contact/lead) time zone. Again, this is based on the Standard Phone field’s country code or area code in the phone number. Each field will adjust accordingly as you choose the appropriate time for your callback.

Best Practices / User Guidance

  • You can only set callbacks using the PowerDialer for times that are in the future.
  • Phone numbers should be entered in the E. 164 format to calculate the contact’s time zone.
  • If the record does not have a phone number and the seek list setting, “includes records without phone numbers” is enabled, the lead will be included in the seek list regardless of the customers time zone.
  • Toll free numbers do not have a calculated timezone and will be included regardless if there is a limit to calling times.

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