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Correct Contact AVG Talk Time Report

By September 12, 2019No Comments

Correct Contact AVG Talk Time Report

Which reps are having meaningful conversations with the right people? How long are those conversations?


The Correct Contact Rate by Average Talk Time report is a pre-built report installed with the PowerDialer for Salesforce package under the Sales Acceleration Reports folder. It shows which reps are having meaningful conversations with the right people.

It accomplishes this by only filtering in calls made using the PowerDialer which were marked with a Call Result of “Correct Contact”. Then, a formula field calculates the average talk time per rep on those calls. (To bring in only the calls made using PowerDialer for Salesforce we add the filter of “Impression ID” not equal to NULL.)

This report can be used to see which reps are getting passed gatekeepers and having meaningful conversations.

In the above image, we can see that today Daniel Toy had 10 correct contacts and typically spent about eight and a half minutes talking with each one.

Coaching Opportunities

Some things you can do with this report to provide additional coaching opportunities would be to change which call results are being brought in. For example, we could change the filter to be “Call Result equals Wrong Number” to determine if a rep is marking a lot more Wrong Number calls than her peers. Or change the filter to “Call Result equals Contact” to determine why a rep is not getting passed gatekeepers.

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