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Call Transfers

How to transfer calls using the Click to Call panel. What are the different types of Call Transfers?

How to Transfer a Call

The transfer button will only be available once the Client leg is established.

To Transfer a Call

  1. Click the Transfer Button on the Click to Call
  2. Then select the appropriate transfer option on the drop down menu
  3. If you selected Hot Transfer or Warm Transfer you will can select when to merge the calls and when to drop off the call.

Types of Transfers

There are a few options to select when transferring calls through the PowerDialer.

Cold Transfer Options:

  • Phone Number
  • Manual
  • Employee

Warm Transfer Options:

  • Call Path
  • Employee
  • Phone Number

Hot Transfer Options:

  • Call Path
  • Employee
  • Phone Number
Note: After selecting any Cold Transfer option, you will be immediately disconnected from the call.

Transfer Option Details

  • Phone Number – Ability to enter a phone number you would like to transfer the call to.
    If you select Phone Number, enter in the phone number you would like to transfer the call to. Once you click on Transfer, the call will transfer, and the Client Leg will disconnect.
  • Manual – Use this option when you use your station phone’s transfer capabilities. You must select this option from the Click to Call panel so the system knows that you’ve manually transferred the call, otherwise the caller will be disconnected from the third party after you click the red ‘Disconnect’ button.
  • Employee – Ability to transfer to an employee within your Salesforce Organization. Note: You can only select employees who have an InsideSales license.  
    Once you select Employee, click on the eyeglass icon and a pop up will open. In the pop up, search for the employee to whom you want to transfer the call. Once you select the employee, click on Transfer on the dialer panel.
  • Warm Transfer – Ability to transfer to a Call Path, Employee or Phone number and remain on the line while the client is on hold. This allows the agent to prep the person they are transferring the call to. For example, an Inbound Sales Rep has a conversation with a prospect, gathers information to qualify the prospect, then they would prep an Account Executive with the information they gathered before merging the calls.
    Once the calls are merged, the Sales Rep, the Prospect, and the Account Executive would all be on the call. And the Inbound Sales Rep can select when to drop from the call by selecting the ‘Drop Off Call’ button that appears.
  • Transfer to Call Path – Select this option to transfer to a call path that has been created in InsideSales. Consider adding Call Paths for commonly used numbers such as a Support Hotline, or a Sales Rep Round Robin call path.
  • Hot Transfer – Similar to a Warm Transfer, the Hot Transfer has the ability to transfer to a Call Path, Employee or Phone number, but the Sales Rep does not have prep time to discuss with the new party; all three parties are immediately connected. But the Sales Rep still has the option to drop from the call at their discretion.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why am I not seeing the Call Path I’d like to transfer the call to?
A: The Call Path option will only show call paths that have an active phone number in the call path settings. If you have created a new call path add a number to the call path settings. After you add the number, the call path should be available to select. If the call path is still not showing, reset your dialer. If that doesn’t work, contact your InsideSales Administrator, or contact Support team.

Q: Why can’t I monitor a transferred call?
A call that is transferred cannot be monitored. You can continue to monitor a manual transfer if you were already monitoring the call before it was transferred.

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