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Call Recording Encryption

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Call Recording Encryption

Call Recording Encryption may be enabled for PowerDialer for Salesforce (PDSF) upon request


If sensitive information is prevalent in your agents’ phone calls, or if you are legally required to keep call recording data secure, we provide the ability to encrypt that information.


  • Account login required to access call recordings
  • Meet the Financial and Healthcare industries’ security standards
  • Quick retrieval of secure records
  • Minimize risk of data theft


Please contact our support team by calling (855) 601-9308 to enable call recording encryption. Usually, your Customer Experience Manager (CXM) or Solution Architect (SA) will walk you through this setup during the initial implementation, but this service can be requested at any time.

If this service is not requested during the initial implementation, it may take 1-2 weeks from the time of your request for your call recordings to become encrypted.


After enabling call recording encryption, you will no longer need to download each individual call recording. You will log into a secure interface where you can listen to each call recording.

To Listen to Encrypted Call Recordings

  1. Follow the same steps listed in the Access section of the PowerDialer Call Recordings article
  2. After following the steps to Download a call recording, you will be re-directed to a page similar to the one below
  3. Pause, Play, Skip and adjust the volume in the interface shown below
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