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Add a New User

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Add a New User

How do I add a new user to

Follow these steps to add a new PowerDialer user.

Salesforce Field Updates

Before adding the user to PowerDialer, make sure to update the following information on their Salesforce record.

Salesforce Settings:

  1. Add 10 digit station phone number to primary phone field on the user detail page.
  2. Assign the user to Call Center
    • Option A: select Click-to-Call in the call center field on the User Detail page
    • Option B:  Setup > Call Center > Select ‘Click-to-Call | Call Center’ > Manage Call Center Users > add additional users > Select the new user > click [Add to Call Center]

Add User to PowerDialer

Add the user to PowerDialer in the tab in Salesforce.

To Add New Users

  1. Click the InsideSales tab
  2. Click Manage Users
  3. Click the Add New Users button
  4. Search for and check the desired users
  5. Click Add Users

Complete User Settings

After the user has been added, you may customize the settings for this User by:

To Edit User Settings:

  1. Click Edit next to the new user
  2. Optionally Enable Call Recordings
  3. Set Minimum Record Time
  4. Set Permission Group
  5. Select Sales Role
  6. Set Target Market 

Assign Licenses to New Users

After the user has been added, and the settings have been customized, you can assign the appropriate licenses in the tab.

To Assign Licenses:

  1. Click the tab
  2. Click License Assignments
  3. Enable licenses by selecting the appropriate options:
    • Powerdialer for Salesforce
    • Inbound Agent
    • PowerStandings Pro
    • Vision
Note: You can check these boxes and Save the update only if you have purchased enough licenses. You may need to remove these licenses for other users who are intended to be Admin Only.

New User Authorizes

Once the New User has been added and set up, they will need to do a one-time authorization. This cannot be done by the admin, the new user will need to follow the steps below.

To Authorize the PowerDialer:

  1. Sign into Salesforce
  2. Navigate to the tab
  3. Select Authorize the PowerDialer
  4. Select Allow
  5. Select ‘When you are finished, click here’
Tip: Contact your Customer Success Manager if you need to purchase additional licenses.

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