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Using Click-to-Email

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Using Click-to-Email

How to send an email to a prospect outside of a Play

Sometimes you will need to email a prospect outside of your Play cadence, Playbooks provides the ability to conveniently perform ad hoc (one-off) emails directly from your CRM. Enabling Click-to-Email will transform ordinary CRM email addresses in to clickable links. Once you enable this feature, Playbooks will automatically load a new email draft for any email hyperlink that is clicked.

This article discusses the setup and use of Click-to-Email.

Enabling Click-to-Email

This feature allows you to click on a prospect’s email address directly in your CRM, draft a new one-off email (or use a template) and immediately send it.

To Enable Click-to-Email

  1. Open Playbooks.
  2. Click the menu button (XANT logo).
  3. Click Settings.
  4. Click Email.
  5. Click the CRM Click-to-Email switch.
Note: Disabling this feature will redirect existing CRM email hyperlinks to your default email application, like Microsoft Outlook.

Using Click-to-Email

With Click-to-Email, you can have Playbooks open an email draft or template to send to a prospect as soon as you click on an email address in your CRM.

To Use Click-to-Email in Salesforce

  1. Open Salesforce.
  2. Navigate to a prospect record.
  3. Click on any email address.
  4. Write and send the email from Playbooks.

To Use Click-to-Email in Dynamics

  1. Open Microsoft Dynamics.
  2. Navigate to a prospect record.
  3. Click on any email address.
  4. Write and send the email from Playbooks.
Note: If Click-to-Email is not working properly, the most likely cause is a conflict with another Chrome extension. Attempt to troubleshoot the issue by disabling other extensions until the conflict is resolved.
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