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Manage Call Dispositions

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Manage Call Dispositions

How to create and manage call disposition sets for your organization

When a rep makes a call, they are prompted to enter notes about the call and choose a call result. There may be other pieces of information reps need to collect on each call depending on their process.

Call Log Dispositions

When you make a phone call, there are a limited number of outcomes that can occur as a result of dialing the number. Playbooks has refined the following list so that your dispositions are as accurate as possible.

  • No Answer– Prospect didn’t answer but no voicemail was left
  • Left Voicemail– Voicemail was left (either custom or pre-recorded)
  • Contact – Reached someone (gate keeper or receptionist) but not the desired prospect
  • Correct Contact– Reached the desired individual
  • Disconnected Number– Message played that the number is no longer in service
  • Wrong Number – Call is going to the wrong person or company entirely

Creating Custom Call Disposition Sets

Managers can customize the call log and put other fields to be tracked on each call. To be able to view and create Call Dispositions, you will need the Manage Settings permission.

The supported CRM field types are:

  • Single-select picklists
  • Multi-select picklists
  • Text fields
  • Checkbox
  • Standard “Comments” field
  • Date and number fields

Each field can be optionally marked as required, restricting reps from moving on to the next task till they address the field. Furthermore, fields can be optionally hid or displayed using field dependencies.

Note: Only fields from the activity object in the CRM can be put onto the call log.

To Create a Custom Call Disposition Set

  1. Access the Playbooks Manager App.
  2. Click Settings.
  3. Under the Calls menu, select Call Dispositions.
  4. Click the yellow plus button to add a new call disposition set.
  5. Set a name for the Disposition set.
  6. Select OUTBOUND or INBOUND.
  7. Click ADD FIELD to select fields from the Activity object from the CRM to display.
  8. Click the vertical ellipses to the right of each field to reorganize, move, or edit it.
  9. Click SAVE.
Tip: The description field in the disposition screen can be used as a note field to gather detailed information about each call. Users can access the disposition screen before the call ends by clicking the Disposition Screen button at the bottom of the call screen.
Note: Sometimes you receive an inbound call from an unknown caller. If Playbooks doesn’t have anyone listed in the Person field and you don’t know who called, enter None in the Person field of the Call Disposition.

Assigning Custom Disposition Sets to Teams

After a custom disposition set has been created, it has to be assigned to a team to be used.

To Assign a Custom Disposition Set to a Team

  1. Go to the Teams tab in the Playbooks Manager.
  2. Edit the desired team.
  3. Select the custom Disposition Set.
  4. Click SAVE.

Using Custom Disposition Sets

Once a custom disposition set has been assigned to a team, each time a call ends the rep will see the specified custom fields in the call log.

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