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Playbooks Rankings

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Playbooks Rankings

What does my Playbooks ranking mean?

Understanding Your Ranking

Sparking a friendly competition with your teammates increases your focus and motivates you to bring your “A” game to every call. Your Playbooks ranking gives you a snapshot of where you fall in line compared to your coworkers. Your ranking increases based on the number of high value activities you complete throughout the day.

The following actions add points toward your overall Playbooks Rank

  • Phone Call Placed – 1 point
  • Contact – 1 point
  • Correct Contact – 2 points
  • Conversation (phone call over 2 minutes) – 5 points
  • Email – 1 point
  • Play Successful – 5 points
Note: Actions must be made within the Playbooks Chrome extension. Emailing outside of the extension will not add points to your score.

Checking Your Ranking and History

Not only can you see how close you are to the number-one spot, but you can also see the steps you’ve taken to get there. Follow the steps below to check your ranking and view the actions you took to get there. Your history will show only the most recent 50 actions.

To Check Your Ranking and History

  1. Open the Playbooks Chrome extension
  2. Click the Trophy button
  3. Toggle between Ranking and History to see your stats

From Rankings to Leaderboards

Your ranking gives you an idea of where you fall on the leaderboard. Knowing that you are close to the number one spot can boost your drive to get there. Leaderboards will show you and your team who is pushing it and who is slacking. Fight to get on top and work hard to keep your spot. How long can you hold your title?

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