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Playbooks Manager Access

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Playbooks Manager Access

I’m a manager or administrator. Where do I go to run Playbooks operations?

From the Playbooks Manager Application, you are able to adjust application settings, manage employees and gain valuable insights. If you are a manager or administrator, navigate to the Playbooks Manager Application by going to

Bookmarking Playbooks Manager Application URL

Saving the Playbooks Manager Application URL as a bookmark can help you find this resource faster and easier in the future.

To Bookmark The Playbooks Manager Application URL

  1. Click the link below to open the manager application in a new tab
  2. Click the star on the right-hand side of the URL bar
  3. Give it a name you will remember

Logging in to the Playbooks Manager Application

When you sign into the Manager Application with single sign-on, Playbooks uses the authentication that has already been established so you don’t have to remember another username and password. You may also use an email address and password to log in.

To Log in with Salesforce Single Sign-on

  1. Open the Playbooks Manager Application
  2. Click Sign in with Salesforce
Note: The Playbooks Manager Application also provides you with the ability to log in to a sandbox instance. Click the dropdown arrow next to the Sign in with Salesforce button.

To Log in with Microsoft Dynamics Single Sign-on

  1. Open the Playbooks Manager Application
  2. Click Sign in with Microsoft
  3. Enter your Microsoft login credentials

To Log in with Your Email Address and Password

  1. Open the Playbooks Manager Application
  3. Enter your email address and password
  4. Click SIGN IN
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