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Phone Number Format – E.164 Standard

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Phone Number Format – E.164 Standard

Does Playbooks require a specific phone number format?

Playbooks Requires the E.164 Standard Format

E.164 is an internationally recognized standard for phone number format consisting of: [+] [country code] [subscriber number including area code].

  • Must start with a “+”
  • Maximum of 15 digits, excluding the country code prefix
  • Does not include an exit code


  • A correctly formatted number is: +44 20 7930 7530.
    This number includes the “+”, followed by the UK country code “44”. Also the area code (“20”) and subscriber number (“7930 7530”) do not exceed 15 digits.
  • An incorrectly formatted number is: +011 44 20 7930 7530.
    This example includes the North American exit or trunk code “011” which is not necessary.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is the country code necessary for U.S. domestic calls?
A: No, but we highly recommend formatting all phone numbers in your CRM to the E.164 standard to avoid any complications

Q: What if I don’t enter the country code on an international (non-U.S.) number?
A: The system will assume the same country code of the dialing user is intended on that dial, and the call will most likely fail.

Q: Does the Playbooks change or alter the phone number stored in the CRM record?
A: No. The record will not be altered when a dial is made. However, the system recognizes the “+” sign as a signal to insert the exit code and ignores all other non-numberic characters include spaces, dashes, and parenthesis when placing calls.

Q: Can I call a number with an extension (in the phone field)?
A: Yes, but the extension will be ignored by the system and you will have to manually enter the extension when prompted on your phone or using the dialer panel.

Q: Why are date fields and other non-phone number fields being hyperlinked and reformatted to E.164 format?
A: Some European customers have reported that date fields and other non-phone number fields are being hyperlinked incorrectly and the numbers have been re-formatted to E.164 format. See this article for more information.

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