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How to Complete an Email Task

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How to Complete an Email Task

How do I complete email tasks?

Using the Next Bar

The Next bar streamlines the process of choosing which activities to perform and provides you with the best order to complete them. The Next bar has been designed to eliminate uncertainty and allow you to power through your day. Navigate between prospects by using the arrows on the left-hand side.

The Next bar dynamically transforms to provide you with actions that you can select to complete your tasks. During an email task, the Next bar presents several options to give you control over when your messages are sent.

Completing an Email Task

After you have put the finishing touches on your email, send it directly through the Next Bar. Utilize SmartSend, schedule your email to be delivered in the future or even send a test email.

To Complete an Email Task

  1. Open an email step or ad hoc email.
  2. Optionally edit your message.
  3. Click SEND.
    Choose a send option in the drop-down menu.
Tip: To cancel a scheduled email, skipping the step will prevent an unwanted send. Follow the steps listed under Skipping a Task.

Email Send Options

  • Schedule with SmartSend – Playbooks will send your email at the best time to achieve an email open
  • Pick a Date & Time – Playbooks will send your email at the date and time you choose
  • Send Test Email – send yourself a copy of your message to double-check your work

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