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Strategy & Task Management

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Strategy & Task Management

What features help managers create and improve strategy and task management?



As Sales Engagement software, Playbooks provides a platform for managers and users to create structured engagement where each step is defined and metered. With Playbooks, managers can craft and test engagement strategies using Plays, email templates, and Robots then measure business outcomes. Custom Sorts help managers to enforce their preferred prioritization of daily tasks from those Plays.


Managers can create Plays for their team from the Playbooks Manager App. If you watched the Managing a Sales Team with Playbooks video, you experienced how one manager used Plays to:

  • Quickly pivot strategies without having to start from scratch
  • Set an expectation for the team on what actions should be taken
  • Objectively identify team members that needed coaching
  • Improved the process with feedback and analysis

As a new manager, we recommend you explore what Plays are already in progress for your team. Next, new managers should know how to create and modify Plays using best practices. The Play Maker course on XANT University has everything you need to get started, but there are also several articles to help you on XANT Help Center.

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Email Templates

Managers can influence the sales process by creating and managing email templates for their teams. These email templates can be used in Plays or be available for ad hoc emails sent to prospects and customers as needed. By standardizing email templates for your team, managers:

  • Save their team creation time
  • Control the messaging with approved language from marketing, correct spelling, and email etiquette
  • Can test the best email subject lines and content with the help of reporting
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Robots can be used in tandem with your team’s Plays to help automate your selling process. From a manager’s perspective, here are just a few examples of what Robots can do:

  • Save you and your reps’ time by automating the enrollment of CRM records into the right Play
  • Remove records when the time is right whether it is the middle or end of a Play
  • Help with data hygiene by updating CRM fields at critical points of the selling process

The Play Maker course on XANT University goes into detail on how to create and manage Robots, or you can click on the link below to view articles on Help Center.

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Click this message to explore how Robots can enhance and automate your team’s Playbooks experience.

Custom Sorts

The Custom Sort feature was designed specifically with Managers in mind to help their teams focus on the right Playbooks tasks to complete. Managers can create a range of sorting options from simple sorts that feed tasks based on highest revenue amount to complex sorts that prioritize lead tasks over open opportunity tasks. The video below describes how to create sorts for many situations.

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