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Buyer Hints (BETA)

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Buyer Hints (BETA)

How to use Buyer Hints (Beta) to supercharge your customer engagement

Sellers want to target and reach out to buyers in the most effective way to move them through the sales funnel. However, sellers spend too much time on prospects that don’t have the right level of influence while using generic contact strategies. Buyer Hints give you the ability to understand buyer contact preferences and their likely influence to move a deal forward. By understanding buyers behaviors, sellers can reach out more effectively.

What is Buyer Hints (Beta)?

Buyer Hints is a new feature of Playbooks that gives users unique insights into customer profiles so you can more effectively engage with the right prospects. Buyer Hints use Buyer Intelligence data to provide tips about prospects’ level of influence and behavior. These hints are refined as you use Playbooks to contact sales prospects and log the results of these interactions. Buyer Hints display on the task view by selecting the Intelligence icon.

Using Buyer Hints (Beta)

Buyer Hints provide insights into sales prospects by answering the following questions:

  • How much influence does a lead or contact have?
  • How likely is the contact to answer phone calls?
  • How likely is the contact to open and reply to emails?
  • How much time and effort will it take to engage the contact?

These insights are available at two levels: person level and benchmark. Person level Buyer Hints show information related to the current profile in view. When data is available at the person level, the hints will be tailored to that specific contact. Benchmarks Buyer Hints show information related to the prospect’s function or title.

Note: Hints provided in Buyer Hints (Beta) will only display the benchmark level. Person level hints will become available in a later update. Once released, person level hints will only be available in North America. Benchmark Buyer Hints will remain available for all Playbooks users after the full release.

Playbooks derives the benchmarks from deidentified title information based on level and function. When presenting Buyer Hints, Playbooks will reference an average value for a hint category and present the comparison as such:

Hint Category Levels Supporting Stats
Influence Very Likely
Less Likely
Not Likely
Deal Count
Deal Size
Avg. Win Rate
Phone Very Likely
Less Likely
Not Likely
Call Attempt
Count Answer Rate
Talk Time Avg.
Email Very Likely
Less Likely
Not Likely
Open Rate

Close Rate

Engagement Quick to Engage
Not as Quick to Engage
Slow to Engage
Engagement Days
Avg. Attempt Count

Buyer Hints provide relevant buyer behaviors allowing you to precisely target the right contacts with the right communication channel. Buyer Hints derive from billions of interactions occurring in Playbooks. These interactions translate into unique insights giving you a distinct advantage as you engage prospects. You’ll be able to employ a more informed approach when reaching out to customers

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