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API Call Utilization

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API Call Utilization

How many API calls will Playbooks make to my CRM? How does Playbooks impact API Usage?


The examples below are a very rough estimate of the number of API calls Playbooks will make to your CRM since the number of factors can vary widely.

30 dials and 20 emails are completed ≈ 105 API Calls

This is at least 50 API calls to sync the 50 completed tasks plus roughly 5 more to get the Task schema. There will be an additional 50 API calls for updating the “Playbooks Play Status” field on the Lead or Contact record.

Add 1 Lead/Contact to Playbooks = 3 API Calls

When you add a record to Playbooks from the Dashboard’s “Add To Playbooks” button, 1 API call will retrieve the schema* (description of the fields on the object), 1 API call will retrieve record data and 1 API call will save any edits made to the record.

*We only need to get the schema once per hour.


Let’s say you’ve got a Robot to add new records to a Play. This rule only applies to the BDR team consisting of 15 users and Robots run every 10 minutes. And let’s say on average you get 200 new records each day.


Robots will run 144× per day (24 hours per day * 6 runs per hour)
144 API calls × 15 users = 2,160 API calls to look for qualifying records
+200 API calls to enroll the new records
+200 API calls to update the record with the Play name
Total = 2,560 API Calls

If the Robot had an action to “Mark Successful and Remove from Playbooks”, that would increase the number of API Calls. Depending on the number of qualifying records, there could also be an increase in API Calls.

Note: Robots will query your CRM every 10 minutes by default. If you would like Robot queries to run less frequently, reach out to your CSM and request they change your Robot’s runtime interval. You can lower API usage by having Robots run every 20 or 60 minutes instead of every 10.

The number of API calls will differ if the record is related to an account or not. The following flow chart breaks down the calculations for how many API calls will be consumed depending on which scenario the record falls under.

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Other Automated API Calls

  • Do Not Call / Do Not Email: Playbooks will check throughout the day for records that have been flagged as Do Not Call/Do Not Email. This would add 5 API calls throughout the day.
  • Email Interactions: (Salesforce customer only). Due to email tracking, when an email recipient opens an email, clicks on a link, or forwards the email, that information will need to be synced back to the CRM. Each event would result in one API call.
  • Priority Score Updates: Recent optimization now batches 25 updated scores and sends over as 1 API call.

More Information on API Calls

Your CRM provides internal reporting to track API usage. For more information on tracking and managing API usage within your CRM, check out these articles from Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics.

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