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Additional CRM Configurations for Dynamics

By February 11, 2021May 13th, 2021No Comments

Additional CRM Configurations for Dynamics

Optimize Playbooks for an excellent user Experience



Put the finishing touches on your Playbooks setup. Add unique fields to the Entity Form. Be sure to double check Network and Telephony settings are correct to avoid any hiccups later on.

Entity Forms

The Playbooks Managed Solution includes a set of fields on each of the following entities: Lead, Contact, Account, Opportunity, Phone Call, Email, and Task.

To get the most out of Playbooks, you’ll want to add these unique fields to the Entity Forms and columns in your saved views for each entity.

Fields not added to the entity form can still be used for creating charts and dashboards if desired. Screen real-estate should always be considered when updating forms in Dynamics. See the following example Entity Form for guidance.

Dynamics Reporting

XANT provides an unmanaged solution that includes a set of charts and dashboards allowing you to quickly gain improved insight into the activities your sales team is completing on a routine basis and the Plays that are driving you team strategy.

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Click this message to be taken to a list of the all the Playbooks basic charts and dashboards. 

Network Configuration

Configure your network for Playbooks by speaking with your network administrator and confirming traffic to and from Playbooks is allowed. Consult the Network Requirements in the Playbooks Requirement article for details. 

Telephony Configuration

Review Telephony Requirements in the Playbooks Requirements article. Notify your telephony services team that user tools and configuration may change due to implementing Playbooks. Notify them early so they can participate in testing and ensure a smooth Launch for users.



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