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Changing The CRM View

By Application, System
Changing The CRM View How to Make Your CRM Navigate with Playbooks Playbooks allows you to switch through many different records quickly. If you enable the Change CRM View setting, your CRM will navigate along with Playbooks to whatever record you have open. This prevents you from having to switch...
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Logging in to Playbooks

By Application, Playbooks, System
Logging in to Playbooks How to log in to the Playbooks Chrome extension Logging in to Playbooks is accomplished with one click by taking advantage of the single sign-on feature for Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics. If this isn't an option your organization has, you can also log in with your...
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Uploading Your Profile Picture

By Application, Playbooks
Uploading Your Profile Picture How to upload your profile picture for Playbooks Uploading Your Profile Picture Upload a profile picture and get recognition for outstanding performance. Topping Leaderboards gives you the opportunity to showcase your profile picture and join the ranks of the top performers. To Upload Your Profile Picture...
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